Thursday, 3 July 2014

Heading North!

Day one of the cruise has been busy, starting with an induction to the RV Pelagia and safety briefings, then loading up of the final pieces of kit, unpacking for labs and storing the PPE, we had lunch then finally set off for the Afen Slide, which is our first coring objective for this cruise, and we are hoping to take several cores at this site to constrain the age of the slide, and the nature of the glide plane that failed. 

We are keeping an eye on the weather, especially the low pressure system circling Iceland at the moment, as we are currently making our way through the North Sea, past the oil rigs and out towards the Shetlands. The Pelagia is cruising at a steady 9 knots heading north, you can follow us on Marine Traffic which has live updates of the ships position. The cruise team have been settling into life on board, we have internet access and fantastic facilities on board:

We have a number of social media streams running throughout the trip including a photo stream through Pinterest, and #ArcticSlides on twitter as several of the team will be tweeting updates as the cruise progresses.

Coming soon on the blog, more details on the science and the Arctic Landslide Tsunami Project, and some details on each of the slides we will be visiting over the coming four weeks.


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